Here’s a quick background:

During my undergraduate studies, I was mostly involved in robotics projects, and focused on mechanical design and controls development. Our Publication for one of our projects (NASA sponsored) was a finalist at the IEEE robotics conference. After graduation, I started studying fashion design and construction, to draw parallels between user behavior in engineering and fashion design, such as choosing one product or garment over another. I imagined, when engineering gets closer to consumers, the product has to present itself not only in its appearance but also in the experience provided for users. I understood consumer products as fashion statements, such as furniture or handheld accessories, and studied them to the smallest details and movement of their components.

I started my masters of engineering degree with the emphasis on Product Design. I wanted to learn about the psychology behind the usage and originality of products. My thesis project was on wearable tech, and it was heavily focused on design thinking and several iterations of user studies.

Currently I’m a design engineer working in the haptics industry, but please feel free to contact me for projects anywhere from core consumer studies and prototyping, all the way to design of the components and integrations, surfacing, design for manufacturability, mold design, machine design, thermal engineering, manufacturing, and automation.

My email is Borna.mat.d@gmail.com